Luwak tree 1I want to warn you that between 70% and 80% of Kopi Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee which is available at coffee stores and Internet is not 100% pure Kopi Luwak and it sometimes does not contain anything of the genuine coffee, especially when it is advertised with the following slogan: “This coffee is so good that even the Luwak would like to try it”.

Having said all this, I would recommend that you should investigate where the coffee comes from and who sells it. Al’s Original Coffees sells only 100% genuine Arabica Kopi Luwak beans.

Do not trust in:

  • Cheap Prices. Considering the scarcity of the authentic product, pure Kopi Luwak cannot be sold at low prices. In fact, Kopi Luwak has an annual world production of around 500 to 700 kg, that is why it is such an expensive product.
  • Blended Kopi Luwak. If you are looking for pure Kopi Luwak, do not buy any product that claim to be a blended Kopi Luwak coffee. You never know how much percent of Kopi Luwak was added in the blend, sometimes only 1%, in other words, NOTHING. You will see that the blended product price is quiet cheaper in relation with the pure Kopi Luwak price.

  • Wholesale. Considering the scarcity of the authentic product, it is almost impossible to sell this product for massive consumption unless the product contains a lower quantity of the genuine beans of Kopi Luwak. Al’s Original Coffees is offering you to try the authentic 100% Arabica Kopi Luwak.
  • Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate can be true but it only certifies the sample of the Kopi Luwak coffee sent to the laboratory and not the product you will receive. Imagine sending every coffee bags of 30 grams to the laboratory, then packed and sealed there after certification. It is a difficult and expensive process, isn’t it? That is why, it is not serious the argument, which states that the coffee has been checked and approved by a famous doctor.
  • Guaranteed by a famous coffee gourmet. In the world, only few people have tried the genuine Kopi Luwak so it is difficult to compare taste, aroma, body, and acidity. Nobody is able to guaranty that the coffee is the genuine Kopi Luwak just by trying it.

For all the reasons mentioned above, although I am scared to discourage you, I would like to ask you to be careful with the Kopi Luwak you buy. You should buy the coffee in small quantities and from serious sellers. After trying the different brands decide which one you prefer.

Like any other expensive product, Kopi Luwak is not free from fakeness and tricky mixtures, that is why buying Kopi Luwak coffee is an act of trust to the producer.

CaptivitySome people have thought to make Kopi Luwak in large quantities by having the civets in captivity. The problem is that the civet is an animal which needs territory and later may die when it does not have it. Besides this, the civet feeds itself with ripe berries, which are available only in the harvest season. This means that the animal would be unproductive the rest of the year and therefore it would need other type of food to be fed during long periods. The results of having the Luwaks in captivity have been absolutely negative.

Who said that find the true Kopi Luwak is an easy task? But I must say that finding out the real aroma and taste of Kopi Luwak is a pleasant adventure. Want to try it?

“Real Kopi Luwak” is 100% pure authentic Arabica civet coffee obtained in Kintamani highlands, Bali, Indonesia